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Timothy Blinko

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About Me

I’m a multi-award winning composer. Having been Bliss composition Scholar at the Royal College of Music, I became a Junior Professor there and I’m now a full-time composer and Professor of Music at the University of Hertfordshire which runs the leading film and games music degree in the UK. My music is performed, recorded, published and broadcast worldwide and I write for all media, including a feature film (2020-1), three short films 2018-20 and currently (2021-2) a short film led by Warner Brothers, UK and a new commission from a Hollywood film director. For 2022-3 I have commissions for two feature films and three shorts. I like to touch people with what I write and The Times has described my music as ‘euphoric.’

Testimonial from Director Arno Crous

Timothy Blinko is brilliant at creating strong melodies that are beautifully and carefully tailored to the unfolding story on screen. He deploys a wide range of textures and creates music that is very evocative and when appropriate very moving.

Tim is very pro-active, hardworking, efficient and organised. He has approached my film with lots of enthusiasm and positivity. He is also flexible and good at making modifications in line with direction but without losing character in the process. He is very personable and friendly. I very much like working with him and hope to do so again many more times in the future.

Recent Music for Films

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Music Tracks

I compose across all genres from edgy/contemporary to romantic comedy and believe strongly that the music must serve the film/TV production above anything else. I can work to most budgets and have great ongoing working relationships with the directors I have scored for, and work hard and work fast doing what I love.

Transcendent – A dark, emotive contemporary track

On the Edge – An edgy and contemporary cue

Sad Cellos – A sorrowful cue

Looking in the Mirror – A stirring and emotional piano solo performed by Timothy Blinko

Dreamworld – An Epic Theme

Forthcoming Christmas rom-com: LA Director and Film Company (NDA currently)

Christmas Dreams End Titles

When I Met You – A touching, romantic track

Tread Softly – Title Song from Happy Families

Silver Lining a powerfully emotional track

Day of Honour – A Truly Epic Track

TREEDUST Films Ident (sonic branding)

Sonic ‘treedust particles’ create and realise the brand image.

Film and TV Production Track

Shining Through – A Film/TV Production Track commissioned by BMG Alt-Life Music

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